Eu-SPRI 2022


Challenging Science and Innovation Policy

Utrecht, 1-3 June 2022. Hosted by Copernicus Institute of Sustainable Development, Utrecht University. The conference will be fully in person. 

The annual EuSPRI conference is the leading event in science, technology and innovation policy in Europe, with a broad attendance of scientists as well as policymakers. The key objectives of the conference are to provide a forum for scholars in the areas of research and innovation policy analysis, to exchange ideas, and to present findings across disciplinary boundaries.

This year’s conference theme – Challenging Science and Innovation Policy– will explore future directions for studies of Policies for Research and Innovation with a special emphasis on the topics of Digitization, Open Science and Futuring. The conference will be hosted in Utrecht, the Netherlands. We expect more than 200 participants.

The call for papers is now closed. Selected papers and speed talks will be announced by early April.

Please note that hotel availability may be limited until Thursday June 2 due to a large convention in Utrecht. We recommend booking accommodation early on. The conference will be held in Utrecht city center. Accommodation is also available at nearby cities that can be reached within 30 minutes by train, notably Amsterdam Amstel, Amsterdam Centraal, Amersfoort, Den Bosch, Hilversum, Gouda, and Ede.


The Eu-SPRI 2022 conference is sponsored by: